The White Board


While the sheer mileage of the expedition will be extremely demanding it will not be the toughest test I will face. The mental battle of spending huge amounts of time alone will also be very challenging. Throughout the 600 days expedition it is very likely that I will not spend any more than 24 hours in the company of one person. A lot of people who are in difficult situations also feel alone and find it hard to communicate their concerns with others.

I have modified my running stroller to include a detachable white board. I will be using this to communicate how I am feeling on the expedition. I am also encouraging others to take part. For a small donation to one of the charities, people can share their thoughts, make a statement or send a message to a loved one.


All messages written on the whiteboard will be photographed and shared on Instagram and Twitter.

To get a message on the whiteboard simply contribute £10/$15 via my donation pages and email me your message. If you have any particular requests about where or when you would like the message to appear, please outline this in the email. Please don’t be too specific on dates as there is a chance that I may be without access to Twitter.

No political or offensive messages will be permitted.