The Darien Gap (TBC)

Darien Gap

For anyone trying to run, cycle, drive or trek from North America to South America there is one 100km obstacle that makes this nearly impossible – The Darien Gap. This stretch of rugged rain forest is home to nearly everything that would normally put any normal person off attempting to cross it. This includes drug cartels, guerrillas, kidnappers and swamps filled with dangerous creatures.

How best to tackle this will remain undecided until I arrive. To achieve a North to South America expedition it really should be tackled and conquered but at various points we need to use reason over foolhardiness.

Here is a link to a blog that sheds a little more light on this small area of the world that has resolutely managed to shrug off the constant demands of today’s modern society – That alone is something to admire.

Stage One: Canada and The United States

Stage Two: Mexico and Central America

Stage Three: South America

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