The Expedition


Canada United State Mexico Guatemala El Sal Honduras Nicaragua
Costa rica Panama Colombian Ecuador Peru Bolivia Argentina

This expedition will see me attempt to run 18,000km from Vancouver (Canada) to Buenos Aires (Argentina). The expedition will be solo and without a support crew. The route will follow the west coast of north and central America before heading down through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia before finally arriving in Argentina. The trip is estimated to take about 600 days and will be equivalent to over 428 marathons. Each day will comprise of running between 35 and 40km. I will take one day off in every five. I will be transporting all my equipment in a Chariot Cheetah 1 and will seek shelter wherever I can find it at the end of each day – be it a hotel, a friendly local’s house or in my Force Ten tent.

North America Mexico and Central America Colombia Ecuador to BA

Stage One: Canada and The United States

Stage Two: Mexico and Central America

The Darien Gap (TBC)

Stage Three: South America

The Arrival Guesstimator