STAGE THREE: South America

Colombian Ecuador Peru Bolivia Argentina

TOTAL DISTANCE: c. 7750 kms

START: Cartegena

FINISH: Buenos Aires


The final stage of my expedition starts in Colombia and is the longest stage at over 7500km. The major challenge of this stage will be crossing the Andes and limiting the exposure to altitude. Crossing the Andes will bring a number of challenges that all directly impact each other. The higher I go the colder it gets, the colder it gets the more kit I need and the heavier my equipment is. After studying various maps I think I have found a cunning route that will limit my altitude to 3600m, however I will still need to tackle Le Paz – the world’s highest capital….

ColombiaEcuador to BA

Expedition Overview

Stage One: Canada and The United States

Stage Two: Mexico and Central America

The Darien Gap (TBC)

The Arrival Guesstimator

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