STAGE ONE: Canada and United States

Canada United State

TOTAL DISTANCE: c. 2700 kms

START: Vancouver

FINISH: Tijuana


Stage one starts in the beautiful city of Vancouver in mid-August. A short run will take me to the border with The United States of America. Here begins the first of many challenges – to run 2633km before my tourist visa expires – That is 90 days. To achieve this I will need to run an average of 30km a day (with no rest days).

My route will take me down the west coast of America, initially following Route 101, passing through Astoria, Coos Bay, Eureka and arriving in San Francisco. Once the Golden Gate Bridge has been tackled I will then continue south through San Jose, Los Angeles and will finally arrive in Tijuana.

Another challenge for stage one is… to learn Spanish before I arrive in Mexico.

North America

Expedition Overview

Stage Two: Mexico and Central America

The Darien Gap (TBC)

Stage Three: South America

The Arrival Guesstimator

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