Microsoft OneDrive Gallery


Microsoft have provided me with a free trial of Microsoft products and services to be used on my adventure. I am going to be using these to document my expedition through photos. All the photos get automatically uploaded to OneDrive and I have tried to sort them into galleries below. They will continuously be updated and modified! Please note a few photos come from other sources.

2014 August Photos September photos
October photos november photos december photos
2015 January photos February photos
March photos April photos May photos
June photos JULY photos August Photos15
September 2015 October album Novemberphotos



  1. […] Microsoft OneDrive Gallery […]

  2. Hey, great to meet you. I was the guy at the bar, you know the old fart riding the motorcycle. (Artic Tavern…) I’ll be following you. Have fun and go forth as I know you will be picking up lots of followers. Hope your health holds up as you are doing something that is very hard on the body…..smiles. (Check out Astoria, Oregon……nice little city.)

  3. Evelyn Morales · · Reply

    We met you in San Simeon, Corner at Highway 1 as we were leaving our restaurant. Tried to offer you a meal there, but you’d already eaten. Been following your journey since then. Hope to see you again some day! Bob and Evelyn Morales

  4. Hi, great having met you and having the opportunity to have a talk. We passed by some 20 kilometers before coming to Casma (Peru). Keep well and healthy & good luck for the rest of your journey! Rafael

  5. Hey dude, glad you made it!!! Respect!!!!
    We met you in Peru….. Awsome dude

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