The Big Beard Cut – Monday 25th Jan!

beard cut

The date for the beard being cut, trimmed and styled has been set and it will be on live TV… Tune into ITV’s This Morning on Monday morning and watch my beautiful beard be tamed at the hands of some trendy barber with my girlfriend overseeing the procedure!

It will obviously be a sad day for me but Brian Kirkwood, who kindly wrote in saying  “CUT YOUR BLOODY HAIR TWIT !!!!!!!! YOU LOOK LIKE A BUM !!!!” will hopefully be happy. I don’t know Brian but if you do please send him my regards! 🙂

*if anything changes to date I will post again**



One comment

  1. Wild Bill Wiederhold · · Reply

    I don’t know Brian, but if I did I’d give him the What For!

    Sure glad you’re still having fun with all this Janie!


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