Back in Virgin Active Training

virgin active

It has been six days since I finished my 17,000km solo running expedition and yesterday I was back in a Virgin Active running on the treadmill and swimming in the pool. I am very conscious that after such a big expedition it could be very easy to just get used to sitting around and not being constructive. I don’t want this to be the case for me. What kept me going throughout my expedition was routine. Everyday I would pack my stroller and hit the road. While the actions changed a little over the 17 months the essential routine was the same. I am trying to continue that now I am back. I have made sure that everyday I wake up early, leave the house and try and achieve something constructive.

So yesterday I did a 5km run on the treadmill which to be honest was pretty easy… Then I moved onto sit-ups and OMG that was difficult. Press ups were equally difficult. I realised very quickly that I need to put together a program and work on building general fitness. I finished off with a nice swim. Swimming is a passion of mine and I am working on a project to see if I can get some endurance swimming sorted for this year.


My delightful swimming trunks given to me by a friend… Thanks Ed!


Today it is yoga at The Hot Spot in Fulham! Now that I have stopped moving so much I can feel my muscles tighten and to be honest my daily routine didn’t include much stretching or warm downs. Hopefully I can ease some flexibility back into my tired body and get it in shape to take on another challenge in a few months!

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