Good riddance 34 – Hello 10

I am very tired and this is the second attempt at this blog after a dying battery issue! Just a few notes:

Just a short 37 km today. Chilled out in hotel this morning doing fun stuff like transfer money to other people and general admin! Real life continues no matter how far you try and run from it!

Arrived in a nice town called Pilar. All very jolly with people chilling in the park. Not sure what international male fashion is doing at the moment but everyone here looks like they think they are in One Direction. I know I was guilty of this when I was young though it was Take That… how embarrassing!

Broke through the 16,000km mark today – always nice to reach a milestone.

Also on longest continuous running stage. About 1000km in 18 days. If I had done this pace for the whole expedition then I would have finished about 50 days ago!!

Really nice people today. Nice couple gave me a cool key ring – A shop owner gave me a bottle of cold water – A chap called Adrian and his family helped strip and clean the ball bearings in my front wheel – Alvaro kept me company for a few KM and helped me find a hotel – and the burger stand owner gave me a free meal!

Some chap called Alfred Bing sent me an email just stating that I was a “Fu*@ing Idiot” not sure what to make of that one!

Awesome amount of people are trying to find ways of getting me a free flight back to London from Buenos Aires – Good luck to you all.

The run from Heathrow to The Mall looks to be set for the 9th or 10th of January. However this is all dependent on getting a flight… More details to follow later!

Anyway… time for sleep. Big day tomorrow!

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