Overcoming a lack of motivation

A lot of people who contact me ask how I get the motivation to keep running every day. Well today is a good day to take a quick look at that. As my previous blog outlines I was feeling rather unmotivated at lunch when I had only covered about 15km. I’d had humidity, heat, rain, bank problems and dealing with the Ruta 34. For those unfamiliar with the Ruta 34 it is a little like running down the single carriage part of the A1 with no hard shoulder and traffic nearly exclusively made up of lorries. I spend the whole time looking over my shoulder trying to avoid being hit. It can get a little mentally wearing!

So I am sitting in a Shell garage thinking there is no way I can carry on. Then I give myself a little talking to and a stranger gives me a little motivation. First the stranger. A nice lady called Maria comes up and asks if the stroller outside is mine. She asks a few questions and then tells me how great she thinks the expedition is. Just seeing how my run makes people feel good gives me a little jump start.

I then think about all the “bad things” that have happened so far today and assess how any of them will affect my running this afternoon. It becomes apparent very quickly that everything has no bearing on what I will do other than how I let it affect me. I have realised that I am the only barrier here. I then look outside and realise its a lovely sunny day (lets ignore that its 37 degrees) and perfect for a run. I then engage the Bluetooth speaker and select some happy running music and set myself a target of running undisturbed for 25km. At this point I need inspiration so I switch music to the Marathon Talk podcast and listen to an awesome interview about a lady who has won 6 medals running at the Transplant Games. (Melissa Fehr – episode 310 – really good interview). This gets me to the end of the day and before i know it I have covered 63km, am still on track to make Bs As by 31 December and want to sign up for the bone marrow donor register – details of how to do this are on the podcast.

At the end of the day you just have to believe you can achieve it and generally you will!

About 675km to the finish line…

#MicrosoftAmbassador #DoGreatThings

One comment

  1. Love how you found ways to re-energize yourself. I’d like to add a couple things that might help when motivation is flagging. (which is a natural phenomenon when you’ve set a big goal as you have)

    1. The lady reminded you how your run makes people feel good. There’s the clue. Always remember you reasons WHY. Why are you doing this? Why is it important to you? Your strong reason why will keep you on track.

    2. You can endure ANYTHING if you just take it a millisecond at a time. Go from one millisecond to another. Just put one foot in front of the other.

    Keep on keeping on!

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