The police seem to like me today!

The police seem to be taking a like to me here but not in a bad way, I don’t think… I woke up this morning and waved goodbye to the friendly policeman stationed where I was camping. My lunch stop was a town called Pinto where I was told I would find WiFi etc. I split the 25km run into two sections and made alright time. I keep wondering why it feels a little difficult at times and then realise its 35+ degrees and I have not had a rest for 13 days (over 700km).

I arrive safely and find a service station winged by two restaurants. The first informs me that it is closed so I make my way to the other. Just as I start walking a police car pulls over and an officer jumps out. I get the usual drawn out interrogation. Where you from, why you here, what you doing and then asked for my passport. I comply as he goes about his business, scribbling down all the details from my passport. It goes on and on and then another copper arrives. Its never a quick process and always feels rather heavy-handed. Then as normal they soften and ask if they can take a picture and we finally end up taking a selfie!

After a nice long lunch break with WiFi permitting calls to my parents and girlfriend I hit the road again. It’s 30km to the next town so once again I split it in two. At my rest spot I abandon the stroller at the side of the road and flatten the tall grass on the verge under a tree and enjoy some lovely empanadas given to me by a restaurant I had run passed. Then next thing I know I am waking up and there are three policeman at my stroller. They all smile when they see me appear from the long grass and wish me luck on my way.

I finally arrive at the final town and find a hostel to sleep in. On my way to buy some dinner I am yet again pulled over by the police and asked the usual questions. This time they even ask me to explain how people donate etc. They finally let me go and now I am sitting waiting for a big fat sandwich.

I am starting to feel like I am turning into a sandwich. The amazing steaks people keep telling me to order aren’t that available in the area I am in and the sandwich seems to reign supreme… I am looking forward to some more nutritious food but at the moment I will take what I can get.

Tomorrow is a 60km day and I am guessing it is going to be down a long, straight, thin and busy road with very little difference in scenery. But the good news is less then 800km to BA and I have 16 days to get there for a magical NYE with Christo! Not sure how happy she will be when she sees just how bushy the beard is…. 😊

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