65km and an interview done!

This is going to be a short update but as I have WiFi it would be rude not to take advantage….

I left Jujuy this morning and set off south. The beginning was very stop start as I had to deal with admin while running. I soon settled into a pace and managed to eek out the first 20km.

Ten km further on I met up with one of the team I was working with on a project in Purmamarca. Coincidentally his brother was a writer for an Argentinian running magazine and happened to be up visiting from BA. We had a little picnic on the side of the road and did a quick interview.

A few km further down the road I bumped into a hitchhiker I had met in Susques and we chatted for a while. I also refilled his water bottles and gave him a sandwich as people were not stopping and he feared he might be there a while.

A pushed on and finally arrived in General Guimes 65km down the road from Jujuy. A delicious supper of salami sandwiches, crisps and cookies and I am getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow I will be up and doing it all again. I just hope the roads are wider or have a hard shoulder and there are less military and police telling me to run on the grass or gravel!!!

1444km to go to BA!

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  1. Keep on running, Jamie. Nearly there :)!

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