Feeling like I am getting near the end – only 2000km and the Andes to go!!

I am now entering the final stages of my run from Vancouver to Buenos Aires. All that remains is a quick 400km hop over the Andes – top altitude will be about 4818 metres – during which I cross into my 14th and last country – Argentina and then the long run across South America to BA.

Those of you who follow me on my Dad’s site will notice that the run will be a little shorter than originally thought. This is in part due to a few route changes such as running down Baja California, taking a more adventurous and direct route between Panama and Colombia and deciding to tackle the Atacama Desert in Chile rather than pass through Bolivia.

The number of km covered is only a number after all, the objective was to run solo from Vancouver to Buenos Aires. This is not a record attempt and I have no idea if it is a world first, it is an expedition to prove to myself and others what the human body is capable of and hopefully to encourage others to try and achieve their dreams.

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