Sometimes you just need a little motivation

Today was one of those days when I needed a little extra help to bend down and tie my laces. As yesterday had been my birthday I had allowed myself to consume even more sugar than normal. Ice-cream, cake and pie all seemed justified. Well the result was a restless night sleep and the obvious sluggishness this morning. Nutrition has and I am sure will continue to be my biggest challenge. My next expedition will be to somewhere where there are no sweet shops! Anyway, this morning I needed that little kick/push to get me started. I knew this might be a problem while trying to up the daily kms so I had asked my girlfriend to be on call and today she rose to the challenge. When I rang saying I thought I needed a rest day she swiftly told me not to be ridiculous (I’ve only done 300km in the last 6 days!!!). When I tried to argue she wouldn’t let me finish and within minutes I was agreeing with her that as soon as I got on the road I would be fine. Well, when I got on the road I was just that. The first 10km flew by. Instead of a break I walk for 1km and then launched straight into the 2nd 10km. At 22km I let myself have a few moments and then off again to 35km. After a quick break I was one my way again and before I knew it I was at 52km and was chatting to a taxi driving and an empanada seller about where to pitch my tent.

We all find it difficult to get started sometimes and normally I am good at overcoming that phenomena but I have to admit it was nice to have someone else there to give me a few words of encouragement. No matter how alone you are there is always someone somewhere who can help, you just need to be brave enough to ask and accept their advice.

NOTE – If there are some random photos with this blog then it’s a mistake. I need to figure out what WordPress is playing at!!!

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