Pushing on through the desert

Today I woke up in Vitor, about 115k south of Camana, Peru. While the buildings are a little rustic the natural beauty is awesome. The village is situated in a huge canyon that creates a green streak across the very barren desert. At one end of the canyon is Ampato, a 6288m mountain.

I am preparing to make another 50km dent into what seems to be an endless desert. Last night I camped on the village square and managed to gain a few hours sleep while the damn dogs weren’t barking like maniacs. I am now sitting in a little road side cafe eating fried egg sandwiches and instant coffee.

In Camana I think I had a slight motivation crisis. I have been in a desert for over 2000km and it gets pretty monotonous. I still have over 1000km of desert to go but I have set myself new challenges and targets that are helping lift me from this slight low. A bit more camping also helps bring a sense of adventure back to the proceedings. I am also sampling a new way of tackling each day. Rather than just set up to run a marathon as quickly as possible I am breaking the day up into five 10km stints and take longer rests. I try and stick to this as much as possible but if a cafe appears in the middle of the desert I make sure to take advantage…

There is no escaping that the next 2000km are probably going to be the hardest of the expedition so far. The heat, terrain and isolation are all going to be tough but I have the finish in sight and while that brings mixed emotions it is definitely helping!!!

Time to crack on…

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