Suunto Ambit 3 Peak – Now you can monitor me!


A lot of people have been asking my why they can’t see my running stages online. I am hoping this is because they are interested in the details of my runs not just curious to see if I am actually running… Well the simple answer is that I didn’t have a watch capable of the task. I have had two different running watches over the last year but unfortunately they just couldn’t hack it on the open road. They were both good for running round the block but when it came to endurance and adventure – well the battery life was insufficient or the product just not durable enough.

Suunto-Ambit-3-Peak-Black-HR_19473_1Well I finally have the ideal partner… the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak (click here for more details). This is the Adventure edition of the Ambit 3 series (the other two are Run and Sport).

What I need from a watch is actually quite simple:

  • I want it to have enough battery to last a whole day of running
  • I want it to be durable to take a few knocks and not fall apart
  • I want it to give me the information I need
  • I want to be able to easily share this info
  • And finally I want it to look good!

Staying power – It has a 30h battery with 5 sec-GPS accuracy and if you go to 1 min-accuracy then it has 200h… I have had some pretty long days but none have got near that… so gone are the days when I am running a record distance and the watch dies and there is no proof! It also means I don’t have to charge my watch every night. There were so many occasions that I’d be running somewhere awesome and the watch was dead before I started… So no excuses not to record it all from now – Atacama Desert and Andes here I come!

Rugged for adventure – Durability is something that can only really be proven with a lot of use, which means a lot of running – something I will be able to achieve. But on first appearances this is a watch built to last. It is rugged but not clunky and everything is made to the highest quality and from materials such as steel, mineral crystal, polyamide and elastomer. Sounds pretty tough and impressive! It is also water resistant to 100m.  So I don’t think I have to worry about it falling to pieces (this happened with one of my other watches).

Suunto sketchKnowledge is power – This watch gives me more than I could every need. Of course it has all the usual distance, time, heart rate etc but when you upload the data it has all these options to display numerous graphs that show how you performed. I am really looking forward to seeing how my running is going to differ in all the different terrains I am going to running across. There will be running at sea level and at 4800m and in the desert heat and the cold of The Andes.

Sharing is caring –  I already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and my website but none of this really tells you about the running like good solid data! Well now you will be able to follow my progress on Suunto’s Movescount (here) and on Strava (here)

Looking good – People who know me may use the word vain in their description (obviously in a endearing way) but I also think they would agree that if you are going to be wearing a watch it should look good. Well the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak looks awesome so no problem there! Check it out here –


I look forward to bringing you all this data – Now I just have to run… Its only 4000km to Buenos Aires!!!

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  1. It seems that you got your package Jamie thats great news enjoy Lima and good luck on the Road.

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