Life is gruelling on the open desert road


It’s hardly surprising that the running on this expedition never ends but sometimes it is more demanding than others and keeping the motivation up is half the battle. I have just completed an 8 day running stage covering c.400km, averaging about 50km a day and managing to record my longest ever day of 78km. During that time I have had two bouts of diarrhoea, camped or slept rough for four nights and had police escorts through dangerous areas of empty desert.

Today if my rest day but rest only means I don’t run. I was up at 8 this morning and have been working on my blogs, trying to find financial sponsors and preparing for the next stage of my expedition which starts again tomorrow. My next target is Trujillo, over 200km south of Chiclayo. Once again this will be desert country and I am sure will have all the same dangers that I have had to deal with in the last couple of weeks.

Fingers crossed my stomach behaves and the “bad people” keep their hands to themselves!!!

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