A couple of days in the desert with a tummy bug!

So it only been a couple since I entered the proper desert and on the running front I have covered over 100km and remain on track… But its not been completely straight forward.

As always getting back on the road after a day off was tough. This was made slightly more difficult due to the extra weight I had to carry in water as I couldn’t rely on there being shop or the generosity of strangers.

The terrain air of reflected how hard it was for me. The beginning was a little hilly but as the day ticked by and I got into my groove things got easier and I managed to rack up the kilometres. At about 50km I stopped and sought somewhere relatively hidden and set up camp. There was no need to cook as a lorry driver had given me his lunch which I kept for dinner. I sat and munched my food while watching the sun set on the barren surroundings.

Up early this morning and something didn’t feel right… I think the donated food may no have agreed. I managed to get everything sorted and get on the road but it was a case of running to cover on a frequent basis. The trouble was that I needed food for fuel but my tummy had different ideas. This made progress slow and frustrating.

At times like these you have a choice. You either let the frustration and situation get the better of you or you just adapt and roll with the punches. With as much determination as I could muster I continued on, dashing to the bushes when necessary!

Luckily there were a few small settlements and shops so I could buy the odd coca-cola to power me on and settle the stomach.

Somehow I managed to cover another 50km and set up camp next to a couple of house, one of which tried to act as a shop. When I asked for a drink I was escorted to the bedroom where the couple proceeded to pull out bags from under their bed and offered me a small selection.

Tummy seems to have settled so hopefully I can cover the 45k to Sullana tomorrow.

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