Crossing borders, attacked by a dog and hit by a motorbike – don’t worry Mum its not as bad as it sounds!!!

It’s been a while since I last did a blog on my actual running. In those four days I have run 180km, crossed the border from Colombia to Ecuador, been bitten by a dog, hit by a motorcycle and climbed and descended some pretty big hills. I have been doing some fun media stuff and have written the next instalment of my newsletter, which will be published when I arrive in Quito in the next few days! It’s been hard both mentally and physically but the enjoyment remains as high as ever. Today was a perfect example of a tough day. I started in a town called San Gabriel and ran about 47km to a little hotel that is massively ripping me off – luckily the restaurant next door is cheap and giving me more food than I can possibly eat! What made today so difficult was twofold. Firstly it was 90% downhill and secondly it was mostly road works. I find downhill really hard work because you have to put so much pressure on your knees especially because I am trying to stop my stroller running away – it also means my arms are getting a good workout! The road works make it even more difficult because the road is uneven, there is dust everywhere and the road is thin making it harder to dodge the lorries and buses who are bearing down on me. But challenging days like these are what makes it fun and adventurous and when I am finding it difficult I think back to the days in Panama where I was resenting the monotony of long, flat dual carriageways. I guess you have to endure the mundane to enjoy the excitement and that is why adventure running is such good fun – For me at least!

Just to clarify a couple of points in the intro… I was bitten by a dog but it was the most unimpressive dog ever. It came flying out of nowhere and headed straight for my Achilles. Luckily it was such a small yappy dog it didn’t have the power to break the skin! The motorbike incident could have been worse but luckily ended up as a small bruise and a bit of a fright! I was running along the hard shoulder and a bike whizzed by and the box on the back hit my arm. The b*ast@rd didn’t stop and as a result got a few colourful words from me….

I am now on a push for Quito. My worries about Quito were mainly to do with the altitude but on over the last couple of days I have been in the 3000m range so am getting used to it. It is tiring though!!!

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