The 240km Road from Popayan to Pasto – Mostly photos

Popayan to PastoI have been a little bit bad at blog posts recently, sorry. But I haven’t just been lazy… Over the last 5 days I have run about 240 – 250km from Popayan to Pasto in Southern Colombia (above is the altitude map). The roads are becoming ever so much hillier which means the running is becoming harder –remember downhill is even worse than up, though I nearly cried at today’s hills. I started at 900m and crossed a summit at about 3000m and all this while covering 50km and pushing a 45kg stroller. The depressing thing is that this is just the beginning and over the next 600km I will be yo-yoing between about 2000m and 3500m. My legs will be looking forward to the long descent to Northern Peru and the desert it has in store for me.

Obviously lots has happened over the last week but I sadly don’t have time to jot it all down as I am working on other things. Firstly, there is a short 13 minute film about a day as a runner which can be found here – I have also started work on the next newsletter which should be coming at you shortly. I have also been writing some blogs for the Huffington Post –

A few fun things include sleeping in an empty discotheque on the side of the road, running through some amazing scenery, having lots of people stopping and taking selfies with me and just generally enjoying covering over a marathon a day.

I am now 2 and a half days from the Colombian/Ecuadorian border so making the finally hilly push to get there. I will miss Colombia though. Such an amazing country!

I have a hunch that people prefer the photos… so here is a gallery while I have good internet!

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