Dad’s suggestion

So my last blog post had me sitting on my bed on an island just off shore from Puerto Carti waiting for a boat to take me to Puerto Olbadia. Well that all went a little tits up! After three days of waiting while “Negro” was sorting a lift for me and a Colombian lady (also called Lady) we missed the boat. I say we but I really mean Negro dropped the ball completely and left us high and dry! So I had to make a quick decision. Trust Negro to organise another boat and wait up to three more days or return to Panama and find a new way. Sense got the better of me and I decided to return to Panama. It was probably a good decision as after a few angry words with Negro I don’t think I was that welcome. Luckily I found a taxi that only charged $30 to get me to the hostel so all turned out well.

As soon as I got to the hostel I got on the case of finding a new route. At this point I decided to follow the suggestion of my father and fly to Puerto Obaldia and then cross the border via a boat. Hopefully this route will allow me to cross the border to Colombia in an obscure place and arrive in Turbo in the next day of two. Finally I may be able to start my run! To say I am getting itchy feet is an understatement and its nothing to do with athletes foot!

The next hurdle is getting Air Panama to allow me to take my stroller on the plane. Darien Gap – I loved my visit but you are an enormous pain in the ass!!!

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