Returning to the Americas

New full route

My new route from Turbo, Colombia, to Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am back in Panama and getting ready to attack the roads of South America. Where have I been the passed three weeks? In France at my little sister’s wedding and what a wedding it was. While it obviously wasn’t in the original plan I don’t regret going home to be there one jot, although my parents did make me work to pay off the airfare they kindly paid for!

Does the break change anything? As I am not trying to break any records or set any firsts I don’t think it changes anything about the expedition itself. I am still pretty much on course to finish before my original set date so that’s a positive. It does however change the way I view the expedition a little. Rather than being one long run I see it more as two separate expeditions. Luckily for all those who have kindly donated I won’t be creating another Charity Page and asking for more money – Though the link is here if you feel like donating!!

Why is it different? Essentially I have to start again. While in France I had a stomach bug and wasn’t able to train that much so my fitness has gone. My mothers cooking is delicious so I have packed on a few pounds and my mental state has softened. I will now have to refocus the mind, get back into a routine and try and survive on a more simple diet and uncomfortable sleeping quarters.

At the end of the day it will continue to be amazing and the main thing is that I still believe I can do it and having been home I have been able to see first hand that my family and friends all still believe I can do it!

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