A physio question… Is running on the flat more tiring?

For the last few days I have been running on more or less completely flat terrain and I am finding that I am getting more tired and finding it harder to push myself. I have been pondering about why this may be and have come up with a few ideas and thought someone might know the answer:

  • If you run constantly on flat ground are you only using certain muscles that get no rest and therefore tire quicker. And therefore If you are on hills do different muscles kick in and allow muscle recovery?
  • The flat ground is monotonous and is making my mind less engaged and therefore motivation is suffering
  • Diet could be a problem but I haven’t made any dramatic changes
  • Or could it just be because I have stopped drinking beer (mad I know). I know many people say athletes shouldn’t drink but just maybe that is the source of my powers

Any helpful feedback would be most welcome!

One comment

  1. George · · Reply

    Definately because you’ve stopped drinking beer! Theres no better sports drink for distance running. (And the flat is boring, sure).

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