WaterAid Working in Nicaragua

WaterAid Nicaragua

As you know WaterAid is one of my chosen charities. I get asked why I chose this charity and the answer is very simple. Clean water is an essential ingredient for life. Without clean water we can’t survive. Clean water is also my biggest daily consideration. Every day I probably drink about 5 litres of water and if I am entering a region with no shops or rivers then I have to carry all the water I need to consume. When you measure out and carry all your daily water consumption it is staggering just how much we get through and how reliant you are on it.

Clean water provision is a huge concern in a lot of the Central American countries and Nicaragua is one of the countries where WaterAid is actively working. When meeting with fellow travellers they are oblivious to the following facts:

  • Nearly 3 million people don’t have access to adequate sanitation in Nicaragua, nearly half of the population.
  • 900k people in Nicaragua don’t have access to safe water.
  • Around 300 children in Nicaragua die each year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

To learn more about what WaterAid do in Nicaragua follow this link – http://www.wateraid.org/where-we-work/page/nicaragua

To donate through my website and also support CALM and Macmillan go to my homepage – www.jamieirunning.com

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