A dilemma of where to go from Rivas

**** Again not proofed – please excuse me. 70km and a shower is more important!****

I am facing a dilemma. I am in Rivas and have three choices… 1 – head for the border and get into Costa Rica 2 – head east to the volcanic island of Ometepe or 3 – head to the beach of San Juan del Sur. All have merits but I have made up my mind – I think!

I have two months to cover about 1500km which is more than achievable. Therefore I have a little extra time to explore and to add to this Costa Rica and Panama are more expensive than Nicaragua so it make sense to kill time here. That leaves me with a choice of 2 and 3.

I have kind of fallen in love with Nicaragua and would love to return but to be honest I’d like to share it with someone rather than just do it alone. I spoke to a lovely couple and they lit up when they talked about their time on Ometepe. If I come back I want to share that with someone for the first time rather than as a repeat visit. For that reason I have decided to give it a miss this time.

The beach sounds awesome and while it may be a bigger detour down an unsuitable road that adds further appeal for me and here is why.

As in life this expedition puts me in positions where I need to make choices. The direct route is always there. It is direct, safe and quickest. I know if I follow that route it will be mostly predictable but then there are the unknown options. Grenada was one of these options. To visit Grenada I had to take a detour which was longer and with more hills. It was slightly unknown and would cost more but what I got out of it was amazing and I will cherish my time in Granada. It’s a beautiful town and I stayed in an awesomely relaxed hostel (Lucy’s).

So rather than taking the sensible route to Costa Rica I am going to take the massive detour to the beach. I am going to head off early so I can be there by lunch and enjoy anafternoon of swimming and chilling. The border will always be there and if the road is harder, then I am sure it will make the experience all the more rewarding.

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