Meeting an amazing chap who is walking around the world


As I have mentioned before one of the best things about being on an adventure is the people you meet. In Chinandega, Nicaragua, I had the privilege and the pleasure to meet an amazing chap by the name of Nacho. Nacho is from Spain and has walked to Nicaragua over the last 2 years. He has covered something like 26,000km and been to some pretty extreme places including Iran, India and crossing the Australian outback. My friend Brook had met him on the road and connected us via email and we have been watching each others progress since then, hoping we would meet up and share experiences.

Nacho may be walking but he covers the same distance as me per day – I just manage to do it a little quicker.

We chatted about where we had been, how we viewed different things and exchanged tips. It was amazing how many things we agreed on and how similarly we overcame different things such as loneliness etc. Over the last 2 years Nacho has really learnt what you need to carry and what is just surplus weight – I think I can take some tips here. I definitely learnt more from him than vice versa but he is the master and me the mere pupil!

The one area that interested me the most was that we were both trying to answer the same question – How do we pursue a life of adventure on the road while managing to settle down and have kids. If he works it out then I hope he lets me know.

You really have to visit his website to learn more about him –

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