How I run 70km in a day


After running 70km in a day I get asked by quite a few people how that is possible and if I do anything special and the simple answer is no not really. While it is fresh in my mind I thought I give a quick outline of the day.

5am – Wake up – The temperature here can reach the high 30s (or 90s) so it is important to be ready to get running as soon as it is light and it is still relatively cool.

5.05am – Eat breakfast – Today it was a peanut butter sandwich and bowl of cereal with powered milk and warm water!

C.6am – Start running – If you start by thinking I have to run 70km then you can freak yourself out. For the long days positive mental attitude is paramount. At no point in the day can you think I can’t do this. This is especially important if things go wrong – See earlier blog about urinary tract infection…

I like to break the run up. So today I followed the following plan and pretty much stuck to it:

10km run – 1km walk -10km run -1km walk -10km run -1km walk -10km run -1km walk -5km run -1 km walk – 5km run -1km walk – 5km run – 1km walk – 5km run – warm down walk.

You will notice that there are no specific rest points and that is because the rests are the 1km walks. At Km 33 I had a peanut sandwich. At about 36 I had a coke and some watermelon. At km 55 I had a Gatorade. Apart from water I consumed nothing else.

I arrived at my destination at about 14.30pm (8.5 hours on the go). Today was quite flat which helped a lot.

Unlike after a race I then had to find a hotel and then seek out drinks and food to replenish my energy in prep for the next day.

The biggest factor in all this is mental strength and self belief  – Without it there is no point in trying. Some banging tunes are helpful too!!

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