Updated: List of current British adventurers


A question I get a lot is where did I get the inspiration to drop everything and set off on this crazy 18,000km solo run through the Americas. After thinking long and hard it became very apparent – I am British and British people LOVE exploring – always have and hopefully always will. I started thinking about all the adventurers that I follow and am inspired by and it dawned on me they are so many current ones who are doing incredible things. That led me to realise that there are probably loads we never hear about.

So despite the fact I have quite a lot on my plate at the moment I thought I would try and compile a list of current British adventurers and see what it looked like. If you would like to suggest some more then please email me their name, website and twitter page. My email is jamieramsay@live.co.uk.

Below is where I have got to – lets try and get a definitive list together!

Anna McNuff www.annamcnuff.com/ @annamcnuff
Dave Cornthwaite http://about.me/davecornthwaite/ @davecorn
Ash Dykes www.ashdykes.com/ @ash_dykes
Patrick Hutton and Richard Johnson www.pngexpedition.com/ @PNG_Expedition
Simon Reeve www.shootandscribble.com @simon_reeve
Andy Kirkpatrick www.andy-kirkpatrick.com/ @psychovertical
Leon McCarron www.leonmccarron.com/ @leonmccarron
Will Millard www.willmillard.com/ @millardwill
Alastair Humphreys www.alastairhumphreys.com @al_humphreys
Bear Grylls www.beargrylls.com/ @beargrylls
Ben Fogle www.benfogle.com @benfogle
Benedict Allen www.benedictallen.com @benedictallen
Charlie Walker www.charliewalkerexplore.co.uk @cwexplore
Ed Stafford www.edstafford.org @ed_stafford
Gary Taylor www.GearsWeNeverUse.com @gearsweneveruse
Iain Denley www.dennershq.com/ @dennersHQ
James Cracknell www.jamescracknell.com @jamescracknell
James Ketchell www.jamesketchell.net/ @captainketch
Jamie McDonlad www.jamiemcdonald.org @mrjamiemcdonald
Jamie Ramsay www.jamieisrunning.com @jamieisrunning
Levison Wood www.levisonwood.com/ @levisonwood
Richard Parks www.richardparks.co.uk/ @richardparks
Sarah Outen www.sarahouten.com @sarahouten
Sean Conway www.seanconway.com   @conway_sean
Sophie Radcliffe www.challengesophie.com/ @challengesophie

One comment

  1. Anna Markham · · Reply

    Hi Jamie,

    I think you should add Robin Hanbury-Tenison to your list… everyone can find and support him here at http://www.robinsbooks.co.uk doing incredible feats in this, his 80th year, having co-founded the unique Survival International charity.

    Not only that, but he’s also very handsome and a thoroughly nice guy of course!

    As are you I suspect!


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