Awesome 57km run 2 days after rolling ankle – I am back!!

Well today was just lovely from start to finish. As some of you will know I have spent the last couple of days trying to heal an bad ankle. I wish there was an exciting story about how I rolled on it but sadly I was just walking out of a hostel… That was on Sunday night and after two days rest, some ice and a little arnica gel I was ready to give it a wee run today.

The day started with some delicious apple porridge and a call with my parents. I wrapped my ankle in a bandage, slipped on my Nike running shoes and got the stroller on the road. Today was going to be a perfect day to test the ankle as Juchitan was 25km away and the terrain was flat.

Started gingerly and apart from a little stiffness everything seemed fine. Buses and prawn cocktail vending motorcyclists (that really is a thing out here!) were pulling up next to me and asking what I was doing. I was loving the positivity and the interaction and in no time I was in Juchitan just in time for lunch.

I was at the side of the road checking my maps and car pulled over and this lovely couple asked if I would like to have lunch with them. I accepted of course and minutes later was sitting in a lovely café with a pineapple water with a chicken salad on the way. Roberto and his wife were awesome (pictured). He had spent 3 years in Glasgow and they were in Oaxaca trying to find was to help those less fortunate set up businesses of their own.

After lunch I decided I needed more and found a town another 15km away and decided to make it there and find a hotel there. About 5km to the trip a police car pulled over with the lights flashing. The policeman was not stopping me for anything bad, actually it was quite the opposite. He asked about my story, scribbled notes and took a picture. About 100m further down the road he pulled up next to me and handed me 200pesos (about £10). Before I arrived in Mexico everyone warned me that the police would try and et bribes from me. Well this was the second time in a week a police man has given me money!!! God I love Mexico!

About 5km further down the road another policeman pulled me over. It transpired that the first cop was the chief and he must have taken the details down wrongly and also wanted a photo with me, the stroller and a police car!

The road I was on was pool table flat which made a nice easy afternoon jog. As I got closer to my next destination the fields on both sides of the road became filled with wind turbines. Not or two but hundreds! Apparently this is the largest wind field in North America…

I arrived at proposed destination at about 3pm and was told there was no where to sleep but if I went another 15km I would find a little posada (hotel). With my foot feeling great and such beautiful scenery I decided to kick on. I finally arrived in La Venta at 4.30pm feeling fresh and positive. It is amazing that the body can heal so quickly… 57km run 2 days after an accident!

Only 367km left in Mexico Lets try and do that in 10 days!!

*As always please excuse spelling and grammar*

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