Paradise – A two day stay in Barra de la Cruz

Barra de la Cruz had been recommended to me by a few people so having covered about 140km since my last rest I decided to take a day off there. The run from Huatulco had been hard with a lot of ups and downs and the sun relentlessly beating down on my back. I had slightly miss judged the distance which also made it mentally quite difficult.

I got a huge boost when I heard a shout from behind me and turned to find a cyclist behind me. Dominic was German and rather than doing a mad dash through lots of different countries had decided to spend 6 months cycling about 12,000km around Mexico. I told him I was stopping at Barra and he suggested we grab a beer as he needed to push on. A few km later we found a small roadside restaurant and ordered a “familiar” of Corona each. A Familiar is a 940ml bottle. We sat and chatted for a while and it wasn’t long till be ordered our second beer. By the end of our chats Dominic had decided that he would stay a night in Barra as well. After a long uphill we were both glad to see the sign for Pepe’s Cabanas – a place that had been recommended to me by my friend Brooks.

Barra is a seaside village that is very popular with surfers from around the world. Due to the time of year it wasn’t at all busy and Dominic and I had the whole place pretty much to ourselves. After a couple of cold beers we made our way to the beach. I have seen a lot of beaches on my travels but this one has to rank up there. As you drop down there is a small restaurant nestled into the palms. A small river runs between it and the beach. The main beach is made up of beautiful white sand and stretches as far as the eye can see.

I had only been in Barra for a couple of hours and had made the decision that I was going to take two days rest here.

Dominic left at about 6am in the morning and I left me with the whole of Pepe’s Cabanas to myself. My first day off was spent at the beach swimming, reading, eating and sipping Coronas. My second day was even lazier and part from a short trip to the internet café didn’t see me leave the cabanas. One of the annoying things I find about rest days is that my body seems to collapse and I get stomach problems etc. I have to get used to it but it is annoying.

I would highly recommend anyone in Oaxaca to visit Barra de la Cruz and make sure you stay at Pepe’s Cabanas. They are clean, comfortable and run by a real gent. His mother was on cooking duty while I was there and her Bifstec Mexicana and Camarons al Ajo is awesome!

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