It’s Fiesta Time again – this time in Santiago Astata

It’s Fiesta Time again – this time in Santiago Astata

Today was pretty good. I woke up at 5.50am and managed to hit the road at about 6.30am just as the sun was rising. The early rising is going to probably be standard going forward as it is getting incredibly hot and humid which isn’t great for running. Today my nipples bled and I have rubs in places I don’t want to mention!

I set myself a short target of about 35km but this turned into about 46km when I realised there wasn’t much to do in my original target. Not much of significance happened during the day apart from a pet sheep and a dog chasing me down the road. I think the sheep had been raised by the dog and I was quite impressed when I saw it come bounding towards me as I jogged passed the property. Sadly a bleat is less scary than a bark! The dog still scared the crap out of me!

Things started to get a little more interesting when I arrived in Santiago Astata, a small rural town about 80km north of Salina Cruz and my base for the night. I was pleased to see a sign for a family hotel as I approached the town but this quickly faded as the sound of loud speakers blaring music could be heard as I rounded the corner. It was another fiesta and a fiesta means a lot of people and high demand for hotel rooms. By some act of god I got the last room at the inn! I set about showering, eating and doing a quick yoga session before getting out there and exploring the town.

As with Jamiltepec a fiesta means that the whole town is converted into a massive street market. You can pretty much buy anything (mostly complete rubbish) and find every kind of regional delicacy including boiled turtle eggs! The bright lights, amazing colours and music seems to draw people from all over the region. Whole families roam the streets stocking up on what they need and socialising with friends and family. I have been told that at 9pm the dancing starts and I am fully intending on popping out to witness that. I’ve just got the make sure I am well behaved and don’t drink too much as I have another long day tomorrow.

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