A trinity of kindness… more to follow

While I have been pounding the pavements on Mexico one of my amazing friends has been continuously contacting big sports brands trying to get me some new kit and all without me knowing. A few weeks ago she got a positive reply and emailed me to ask my shoe size. I cheekily provided my shoe size and compiled an opportunistic wish list of kit I needed and would have had to buy to continue. Amazingly this company has come through and supplied everything on the list and a package is winging it ways to Mexico and should hopefully be here in a few days. At the moment I am trying to match my daily running with the arrival of this package at a complete stranger’s house about 200km south of where I am. The chap in question has already received one package for me and is going above and beyond by accepting this one. So I don’t jinx anything I will reveal all the names when I have all the kit has arrived safe and sound!

The clear message here is that there are amazing people out there. My friend for persevering, the company for being so generous and the family who are receiving the packages for being so trusting! A trinity of kindness!!!

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