62km run… Just another day in the life of Forrest Gump 2.0

Today I woke up just outside Puerto Escondido in one of the most beautiful hostals I have ever stayed in. (look up One Love Hostal) The plan was to head south and cover about 35km and find somewhere to camp.

The scenery has changed so much and everything is getting really tropical. There was a nice breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean and while there were hills they were not too mean!

I stopped for my morning coconut and was amazed when I was served by a girl who could not have been more than 7. She grabbed a coco from the fridge, picked up a huge machete and proceeded to slice into it!!! I had spoken to my little niece a few hours and tried to imagine her parents giving her a machete at that age and could quite picture it.

A couple of km further on I found a coconut that had fallen off a lorry. Having never actually cut one open before I set on it with my new knife (I left the old one at a hostal!!). These coconuts are tough brutes but I managed to get through the husk and sip the beautiful juice inside!

The running got hard in the afternoon and around the 40km mark I had to walk a little. I refuelled on nasty sodas and waited for the sugar to kick in.

At lunch I had changed my target for the day and extended ot to 50km. When I reached it I realised there was very little there. When I spoke to a few people they told me Mazunte was not too far away. The distances ranged from 5 minutes in a car to 7km. In reality it was about 12km. It was 5pm and the sun was setting. This was presenting itself as a challenge.

Out of nowhere my energy levels soared and I was off. With Phil Collins singing me on there was nothing stopping me. We were two hearts beating as one!!! As darkness started to fall I entered the town, realising I had just down about 62km.

I asked around about where to stay and while I tried to find where I was told I ended up on a beach with my feet in the sand and a beer in my hand!

People ask why I do this. Well this is part of the answer. Today I got to challenge myself, explore a new place and contemplate with a beer in my hand at the end of it all…

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