Not all questions are about my running!

The questions I get from people I meet can vary a lot. Of course there are the obvious ones which include “how many pairs of shoes are you going to get through?”, “how long will it take, why are you doing this?” etc. Most of these can be answered pretty quickly with a pre prepared answer. In Mexico the questions can sometimes be a little more leftfield.

Scenario – Running down highway and meet group of people. Stop to say hi and chat.

Question – What are you doing?

Answer – I am running from Canada to Argentina to raise money for charity?

Question – Are you Canadian?

Answer – No, I am Scottish?

Question – Wow…

*long pause while thinking of next question – me preparing obvious answers*

Question – How long was the flight?

Answer – Err (slightly caught off guard!) about 10 hours…

Question – How much did it cost?

It’s at this point you realise what we take for granted and what is actually of interest to some people! Apparently my running isn’t… In Europe or the US, if we want to get from A to B then a flight is normally the best option. In Mexico that is just not the case…There are very few flights and even if there were they would be very expensive.

Money seems to be quite a common question here. “How much money do you earn in one day?”, “How much was your running stroller?” etc etc. Being British these are topics we don’t feel comfortable discussing so I slowly move the conversation in another direction or just start running again!!!

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