I got a flight to catch…


Those of you who know me will have heard the fantastic news that my little sister is getting married to a lovely chap called Shep. They have been together for a while and we are all so happy that they are now engaged and about to start a beautiful life together. The only thing is that Shep waited till I was on the other side of the world before he actually proposed – I can only imagine that he was scared of Mel’s big brother.

A few people have asked if I am going to come back for the wedding and the answer is of course 100% absolutely yes. This is a celebration I would not dream of missing. My expedition is not a record attempt or a “first” which is great because it gives me the flexibility to do what I want, how I want and when I want.

The wedding has added a new and quite exciting dimension to my expedition as I am currently in Mexico and the big day in at the end of June in France. When I was in Acapulco I tried to book a flight back to France but I won’t bore you with how difficult that turned out to be. All I can say is that I am very grateful to my mother and father who shared the pain of bank cards not working etc and ultimately bought the ticket for me.

While most of the guests will be deciding whether to drive to the airport or get the train I have to deal with a challenge on a completely different scale! My flight is from Panama on Friday, 19 June 2015. That gives me 117 days to run the 3100km to the airport (with a couple of days to find somewhere to stash my stroller while away). To make it I need to average about 30km a day and to add to the sheer distance I also need to complete Mexico and then run clean across Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and then most of Panama.

I don’t think I have heard of a longer journey just to catch a flight but to be honest I relish the challenge.

Shep – you better not put me on car parking duty!!!

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  1. Fung Ling Yeung · · Reply

    Awesome news though!! Your adventure just got more exciting (wasn’t sure that was even possible) xx

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