I have reached the 6 month stage of my expedition and am happy to say that I am on schedule and everything is going according to plan. It was on the 15th of August 2014 that I left Vancouver, Canada, and since then I have run over 5750km to  a small town in Mexico called Santa Rose de Lima. So far the expedition has raised about £10,000 ($15,500) for CALM, Macmillan and WaterAid and with 12 months still on the clock I remain hopeful of hitting my £20,000 target. Wouldn’t it be great if we hit £30,000. If you would like to donate click here or if you would like to help with the costs click here 

Quick Facts:

Days on Expedition (and since shaving) – 186

Days running – 137

Distance covered- 5763km (Nearly 4 times Land’s End to John O’Groats!)

Average KM per running days – 42.1km

Equivalent in marathons – 136.6

Pairs of running shoes used – 6

Video Diaries recorded – 331

Weirdest food – Iguana

Newsletters published – 5

Still remaining:

KM to go – about 12,000km

Days left – A YEAR – 365 days!

Countries to cross – 11

None of this would be achievable without: (click names for items or website)

NOKIA/MICROSOFT, THULE (stroller), THE RUDY PROJECT (sunglasses), POWERTRAVELLER (power supplies), SUPERDRY (none running clothes), VANGO (general equipment), TRANGIA (cooking stove), FORCE TEN (camping equipment), OVERBOARD (Waterproof bags), 1000 MILE SOCKS (socks), ROLLEI (video camera), CREWROOM, (shorts), THE DRAGONFLY AGENCY (printing running shirts)

Huge thanks to my father who created this website which collates all the blogs, photos, videos etc and keeps the facts up-to-date daily

Thank you to all those who have given me shelter, ferried me across the Sea of Cortez, handed me food or water and bought me beers – all massively appreciated!

And finally, thank you to everyone who is reading this… means a lot to have your support!!!

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  1. […] a commencé son aventure il y a maintenant 6 mois, le 15 août 2014. Il s’est rendu en avion à Vancouver au Canada après quoi il a couru […]

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