Tasting iguana for the first time

So I am not entirely sure how legal or ethical this is but I have to confess I really like eating whatever weird foods are on offer when I am visiting a new country. When I was in Vietnam it was deep fried scorpions and in Morocco it was sheep’s eyes. Well here in Mexico it was iguana.

I had run about 20km and had pulled over to a small roadside restaurant and asked what they had on offer. Instead of a menu the owner took me to the kitchen and started lifting pot lids. The first was chicken and I pretty much immediately chose that. But then he raised the second and began stirring iguana legs. I obviously had to try – it would have been rude not to.

I returned to my table and waited with trepidation. When he placed the bowl in front of me I have to admit I was a little apprehensive but having paid a whole £2 for the dish there was no turning back!

The tail looked a little more appetising than the leg so I opted for that first. Once I had peeled back the scales the meat was white and crumbled off the bone with a texture very similar to a meaty white fish. I slowly placed it in my mouth and chewed. For some reason I thought it would have an earthy taste but that wasn’t the case at all. I know its a cliché but it did taste like chicken and to be honest I could have eaten a lot more.

Always good to try new things…

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