A quick catch-up!!!

First things first I need to apologise for my laziness. It’s been 16 days since I last actually wrote a blog. I am not going to chastise myself too much because in that time I have published the newsletter, trialled a few audio blogs, not to mention the fact that I have run over 480km. What is really nice is that I have recently received so many lovely emails and comments about my expedition from people who read the blog and this has given me a renewed surge of enthusiasm. What I am doing is a once in a life time opportunity and it would be remiss of me not to document it properly. So thank you to everyone who reads the blog and especially to those who take the time to let me know you enjoy it! Right back to the adventure.

Since the 26th my adventure has been so jam packed with amazing experiences that I can’t even begin to do each one justice but I can give a short overview of a few below…:

  • A mechanic forgot to put a piece back on my stroller which meant I had to retrace my steps, have a complete tantrum and then re run the same road. For those of you that are worried, everything is ok now… (There will be a video of the tantrum @ http://www.youtube.com/jamieisrunning)
  • I had a shower in someone’s garden. This entailed getting completely naked and splashing water over myself while hoping that the man’s wife and children didn’t return. (There will be a video of this)
  • Hung out with the fantastic crew of a 150ft super yacht
  • Actually finding another traveller on this section of the trip. Brooks is the first proper traveller i;ve met since landing in Chacala in January. Really nice to spend a few days with someone going through the same experiences eveb though he is on a bike!!!
  • Ate Iguana… Not entirely sure how legal that is as never seen it on a menu before but got to admit it is delicious. (Sorry no retching videos. For that I will have to point you to my eye ball experience in Morocco! – Click here!)

While I may have lapses in keeping my blog up-to-date my father never does. Each morning he updates where I am, how far I have run and collates all the photos, videos, blogs and audio blogs of each particular day. Its a fantastic site so please check it out here 

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