TEST – Audio blog for 27 Jan 2015


Trying to gather the mental stamina to write a blog everyday can be difficult after running so far in this heat. So I am testing an audio blog to see how/if it works.

All constructive feedback welcome.

Jan 27 2015 Audio Blog.m4a
Sent from my iPod


  1. It works! And it’s a bloody good idea – nice to hear your voice J. You won’t catch me switching from the written word though. It’s FAR too easy for thoughts to come into my head and fly straight out of my mouth… 🙂

  2. Agnes Ramsay · · Reply

    Great blog, Jamie. So interesting to hear of your daily adventures in your own voice with all of the emotions. Take care!

  3. Jenny harper · · Reply

    Hi Jamie,

    Love you audio blogs! Your mum and I listened to the first one on our skiing holiday! We have a wonderful week, only muscles sore are tummy from laughing!

    You are just incredible Jamie, following you with great interest. Told charlie Blair about your mission and he said he was going to email you! It must be a huge relief doing audio blog, writing must be so tiring and time writing each day. well done, full of admiration!

    Love from us both Joe and jenny xx

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