Mechanical assistance

I think we all know how my I love my Thule Cheetah 1. This bad boy has got me all the way from Vancouver to half way down Mexico. The only problems I have had have been wheel related. Unfortunately that changed today but luckily in a very repairable way. Before I go into how I got it fixed I want to make it very clear that this stroller I not specifically designed to do what I am doing and it certainly isn’t meant to carry the weight I am subjecting it too. Still love my Thule!!

You will have noticed from my pictures that I place a rather full backpack on top of my stroller. This sits on a pole that run horizontally across the stroller and essentially holds it all together. Well after 4800km of bumping along the screws that hold it in place have given way and when I was packing this morning I found the pole lying in my stroller.

The first thing that came to mind was that I was in the middle of nowhere and if this was going to be critical then it would involve buses back to Manzanillo – something I did not want to have to go through. Luckily all seemed ok as I hit the road in search of a mechanic. Mechanics are not something in short supply along the 200 highway and it wasn’t 2 km before I rolled into a little garage with thumping music. I had done a little appraisal and thought I needed a long piece of metal to insert across and then fix into place. The trained mechanic looked at it and came up with a complete different plan. He popped into the garage and returned with two bolts. He quickly threaded them through the holes and tightened them up. We then got the old broken pole and managed to secure it between the two uprights. Everything was back to normal within about 5 minutes of arriving. I thanked the mechanic and enquired what the damage was – ¬£1 including parts and labour. Can’t say fairer than that!!!

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