A quick catch up – knee better, internet physio, calf died, friendly police!

I have been remiss and not updated my blog for a number of days. The last little entry wasn’t the most positive either and the number of messages I have had from friends and well-wishers has been amazing. The good news is that I am now about 140km further south and today I managed to run most of the 40k I covered.

The lack of blogs does not mean there hasn’t been lots going on. On the contrary it’s been pretty busy few days.

Sadly it doesn’t start well, but luckily not for me. The morning after my last blog I set of hobbling on my way to Melaque. It was about 42km and probably a little far to attempt with a bad knee but anyway. As I left the village I was staying in I noticed a large number of vultures circling round a pen at the side of the road. Curiosity got the better of me and I went to explore. I was horrified to find the vultures were actually eating the hind of an alive calf. I rushed over and scared the vultures away. I had nothing that I could use to put the calf out of it misery so I immediately tried to find the farmer. When that didn’t work I tried to flag down drivers to see if they knew who the farmer was. Unfortunately they just saw a mad tourist waving and waved back. Sadly by the time I returned to where the calf was he had given up the will to live. Avery sad start to the day.

Melaque was a nice sea side town and was where I thought about spending a few days recovery. Unfortunately there were just too many retired holiday makers and not the fun kind I had met elsewhere but that speak loudly in English to the locals kind. I had a really nice camp on the beach and set off early the next morning with Manzanillo as my target. After about 40km I tried to find a hotel and could only find a place called Motel California. It turned out that this motel was not available to book for the night but was more of a by the hour establishment – I decided to move on and found a cheap hotel on the outskirts of Manzanillo.

During the run to Manzanillo I saw a big billboard advertising a luxury hotel – the Camino Real. Knowing I couldn’t afford such a place I thought I would send them a tweet and ask for a discount. To my surprise they actually came back to me with a discount on a suite. I told my mother and she very kindly put the money in my account as a belated Christmas present. With luxury on the menu I walked the 8km to the hotel and kicked back by the pool for the day.

Knowing I couldn’t afford luxury for two nights I set off in search of somewhere more within my budget. The main hotel area is Las Brisas but as it is on the beach it is a little pricey. I stupidly thought that if I kept walking I would be able to find somewhere cheaper. This turned out not to be immediately the case. After asking in a few places and being shocked at the prices I turned to web research and found a cheap hotel in a residential area of Manzanillo. While the room didn’t have any windows or a loo seat it was located in a very local area and it was nice to spend the night walking around soaking up the vibe.

That leaves us with today. Well I was able to run. That is pretty big news for me! I started slowly, just a few steps at a time, then a few more. I slowly built up and before I knew it I was running 10km stretches without any problems. I have to thank a girl called Tobina Wilson. I have never met Tobina but she shares friends on Facebook and heard what I was doing and the predicament I was in. I should also mention that she is a Physio. With a few messages and some pictures she managed to diagnose me and give me suggestions on how best to tackle the problem. While my internet diagnosis may be correct I think her advice has been far more instrumental in getting me moving again. I just hope that she doesn’t mind that by offering to help now may mean she is called on again in the future.

Thinking I would not be allowed on the toll road I decided to take the scenic (longer) route towards Tecoman. However, the police pulled me over to inquire what I was doing and insisted I change my plans and return to the dual carriage way as it was wider and safer. I obliged and I am glad I did because it led me to a charming, if somewhat mosquito populated, village of Cuyutlan.

And there we have it we are all up to date!!

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