Internet research leads to a knee diagnosis

I am writing this blog from a cheap but nice hotel room 30 off km from where I started this morning. 30km is not too bad for a day’s running but when the day was cut sort because my knee couldn’t continue it kind of sucks! To add to that the inner tube in might left tyre has a puncture.

So I have two problems that need fixed. The inner tube is pretty simple. I will take the wheel off, remove the inner tube, find the hole, patch it and then repeat replace. All will be fine.

The knee that is a little different. Not such an easy process and definitely quite vital to my expedition. I have done some research and when inputting “stiff hip” + “sore knee” + “sore thigh” the information returned from google all seems to point to something amiss with my IT band. These are the causes according to Runners World: “wearing worn-out shoes, running downhill or on banked surfaces, running too many track workouts in the same direction, or simply running too many miles.” (here is the website

So lets analyse this:

  • Worn out shoes – I am wearing a pair of Adidas shoes bought in Tijuana – That’s about 1700km away. My backups area pair of Nike (probably fake as I bought them in a coffee shop) that have been with me for over 1000km
  • Down hill – There are a lot of long down hills
  • Banked surfaces – the roads are curved to help the water run off. Its the right leg that is injured and is on steepest part of the road
  • Too many track workouts in same direction – I have run 4600km in the same direction on tarmac
  • Simply running too many km – err think the same answer as above

I am not sure we have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out!!! So what to do!

Well first of all I am not a quitter!!! I am 40km from the next town and 100km from the next city… So tomorrow morning I am going to walk to Melaque which is 40km away. When I get there I am going to look for new shoes and fingers crossed I can find them. If I do then I am going to take a proper break from running and rest, stretch and massage my leg. If I can’t find any shoes I am going to walk to Manzanillo and do it there. So please excuse me if my progress appears to fall off a cliff. I am over a quarter of the way through my expedition and I am going to take the necessary precautions to ensure that I see this through to the end!

I know what is running through some of your minds, “Won’t he get bored walking?” and the answer is no. I have just downloaded the first 8 episodes of the BBC dramatization of War and Peace. That should keep me going!

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  1. Anneloes · · Reply

    A foam roller could work wonders if you have one. Good luck!

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