Hot, Humid, Hilly and Ouch!!

Today was hard. Not just a little hard but screaming at the top of my voice hard. It was very hot and the humidity was oppressive. When I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the lovely Lorraine Kelly she described it very well – “you can almost wring out the air.” To add to the heat etc were the hills, relentless climbs and descents that seem to be a feature that may be recurrent throughout Mexico and Central America. And then to top it all off my right knee has started to complain a little, well actually quite a lot… Today I actually took my third (and fourth) paracetamol so that gives a gauge how sore it was.

The pain started about 10km into today’s run and grew gradually throughout the day. This is something I have experienced before on this expedition and am confident it is only a niggle but it certainly needs to be taken seriously. Luckily tomorrow was already planned to be a rest day following 8 days of consistent running and to add to that I happen to find myself at a lovely beach town called Perula.

I have booked into a little hotel and bought some ibuprofeno (800mg!!! Couldn’t get more than 200g in US and this is all I can get in Mexico!). Tomorrow I will relax, stretch and swim and hopefully it will rectify itself. If it doesn’t then I may be forced to spend another day in paradise. Always look for the silver lining!

Another fun thing happened. As I was running up a hill a car pulled over and said they recognised me from a newspaper article published in San Diego!!!

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  1. Guillermo Sivori · · Reply

    Come on Jamie !!! We are waiting you here in Buenos Aires

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