A night on the beach in Boca De Tomatan

Yesterday I left Puerto Vallarta and pushed south. It was just to be a short 15km day as I am trying to ease back up to the bigger distances and trying to avoid injury. Running here continues to be difficult with the air so humid and heat like a wall around me. However by the end of the day there were signs that it was getting easier…

Another reason it was a short day was because I wanted to visit Boca De Tomatan, a small fishing village on the Pacific. It is a small quant place with some restaurants on the beach and a few shops on the high street. My first port of call was a small ceviche restaurant in the centre. I ordered fish and prawn Ceviche. The chap jumped into the kitchen and rustle up the most delicious dish from scratch. Have to admit it was pretty darn good – on a par with my friend Deano’s!

I then made my way to the beach and managed to persuade one of the restaurant owners to let me hang my hammock in his restaurant. He even offered (and I accepted) to lock my stroller in his kitchen for safety.

Well, I was lying in my hammock quietly reading my book when a chap ran passed me at a million miles per hour and into the shadows. I then heard a huge THUD!! He reappears with a dead animal, not sure what but pretty big with a long scaly tail. He places it in the sand next to my hammock and proceeds to beat it over the head. Blood actually splattered on my hammock. I tried not to be too shocked and casually asked him what it was… He replied breakfast!!! He wandered off to find the cigarettes that he lost in the chase and the poor critter tried to get up… He return and put it out of its misery….

So I slept 1m from a kill scene and just up the beach from the chap who did it. Unfortunately (or fortunately) didn’t even invite me to breakfast…. How rude!!!

Today will be about 30km as I head to a town called El Tuite. It’s meant to be very traditional so looking forward to that. It is also up a long hill… Bot so enthused by that!!!

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