Electrical hell comes in threes

I envy the explorers of the past. When they set off they had a compass, a map and a maybe a book for recreation. Today we have electronics and lots of them. We are dependent and sometimes addicted to recording and sharing our experiences. Now, there is not a part of me that wishes I didn’t have all my little gadgets and toys as they really do make life so much easier and more pleasant. However, when one breaks it adds complications and expense to a trip!!

Well I have just had my nightmares… Three to be precise. First my video camera (that I loved) suffered a water related mishap while diving and is sadly no longer with us. Then my phone/camera (also very much loved) stopped charging and can no longer be used. And to top it all off my laptop has decided to join the gang and has stopped working…

While none of this is the end of the world it will be expensive (£500-£1000) replacing them all and will have to come out of my already tight budget…

Fingers crossed these are the last electrical mishaps and after a trip to Walmart everything will be restored to how it should be.

For those waiting for certificates (my dad is one!!) sorry… They will be with you shortly!!!

One comment

  1. Hey Jamie ! Just to wish you a very happy new year, i’m sure it will be !

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