Happy New Year – A little reflection

So it is the end of 2014 and a time to take check of everything. As I have pointed out a few times I am currently on “holiday”. I have been on the road for 138 days and have completed about 4310km in 99 days of running. That equates to about 31.2 km per day which is just above the 30km a day average I set myself at the beginning of this expedition. I am still 169km or 5.5 days ahead of schedule which is a comfortable place to be. Before this break 3 days was the longest I had rested in one go which was never going to be sustainable. The great thing is my body now feels strong again and the fat reserves have been replenished. I have also learnt to be less focussed on just running and am now experiencing more of what this trip has to offer.

The four and a half months that I have been on the road have been close to the best times of my life. Not only have I have met some of the most kind and generous people and had the opportunity to form a lot of new friendships, I have also had a lot of time to reflect on what is important to me. I have looked back on how I was living my life and how that may have been effecting people around me. Hopefully I have been able to start making small changes that will mean there are long lasting benefits to me going forward.

One thing I have noticed is that I am now constantly content and even have a smile on my face all of the time (well almost). While I may not have all the frills of life in London and sometimes have to endure some pretty hectic and testing times, I have lost the stress and strains I remember. When things go wrong or break then it doesn’t seem to be quite as dramatic and stressful as before I left and I don’t get as angry or frustrated. I am also drinking a lot less than I used to. which has to be a good sign!

If I think back to last New Year’s Eve and the four months before the highlights where short holidays, fun nights in the pub and the odd party. This year is a completely different story. In the last four months I have motored across the Sea of Cortez, swam with whale sharks, scuba dived with hammerheads, slept on deserted beaches and cabins in the desert, spent time in redwood forests and tackled Big Sur. I have visited Alcatraz, USS Midway, the world’s smallest natural harbour and read amazing books. I have listened to podcasts about a huge range of topics and learnt from amazing people I have met along the way. We (that includes all of you) have also raised about $10,000 for three great charities – CALM, Macmillan and WaterAid. There are another 13 months to go and so much more to achieve.

I want to add that while I am talking about how great it is to be on the road (or sea) there are also so many things I miss about being at home. I miss my family, I miss seeing my friends (especially those getting engaged, married or pregnant) and I miss good British pubs and good red wine.

I am planning on getting under way tomorrow but my hosts, Kevin and Zac, seem pretty convinced that after a New Year’s Eve with them I will be unable to run at all not to mention a marathon!!! Whatever happens the adventure is set to continue in the next 48 hours.

Happy New Year to all and make sure that in 2015 you allow yourself a little time to make your dreams come true.

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