Daily Archives: December 31, 2014

December Newsletter – Get it here!!

Happy New Year everyone, Please find the link to my latest newsletter. JAMIEISRUNNING – 28 December 2014 Thanks for all your support

Happy New Year – A little reflection

So it is the end of 2014 and a time to take check of everything. As I have pointed out a few times I am currently on “holiday”. I have been on the road for 138 days and have completed about 4310km in 99 days of running. That equates to about 31.2 km per day […]

A day on the Mexican Galapagos

My last blog outlined how I had made the decision to stay on board the Andante until we reached Puerto Vallarta (PV) and OMG am I glad I came to that conclusion because the experiences we have had since have been breathtaking! We all thoroughly enjoyed Mazatlán with a tour round the old town and […]