Arriving in La Paz – 4300km run in 99 days!

So after my Giganta Crossing I set my sights firmly on La Paz. The total distance from Loreto to La Paz was about 350kms and with sheer determination I managed to complete this in seven gruelling 50km (average) days. Why the mad dash? I am not really sure. When I arrived in La Paz I had been on the road for 124 days and spent 99 of them running. I think the idea of a proper week long rest appealed and that drove me on.

After my rough camping experience I managed to make it to Constitucion where I found a nice cheap motel. The next day had me run 37.5km down a completely flat road that was arrow straight. I managed to find a little settlement and set up camp for the night. The next day I managed a whopping 60km that found me at a little restaurant/farm on the side of the main highway. While it was a safe place to camp I had to share the back yard with some goats and a squealing pig… with 112km remaining I decided to break it into two 56km days. The first day ended at km marker 56 where I managed to find a hidden track. All through then night I was convinced I could hear signs of other people but kept telling myself that I was miles from any civilisation. While packing up the next morning I heard a man stretching and yawning. He can’t have been more than 100m from me but alas I never saw him… You are never as alone as you think!!!

The final day was a big push and made harder due to having to cross the Giganta once again – luckily this time they were starting to fade in size!

Today was also the only day I have actually been genuinely scared of a dog… I was merrily running along listening to some music when I heard barking. When I locate the dog I was relieved to see he was behind a fence. The dog became more irate and somehow managed to find a way through the fence, my relief disappeared rather quickly and was replaced by fear. His teeth were huge and he was pretty intent on making me quite aware of his territory. It reminded me of the seen in Watership Down and my speed suddenly quickened. With a lot of shouts (pleads) and no sudden movements I managed to run far enough that the dog was satisfied I was not a threat…. Hopefully there won’t be too many occasions like this!!!

When I finally arrived at the marina in La Paz a huge wave of relief washed over me. I had managed to run from Vancouver to La Paz, a total distance of over 4300km, in less than 100 running days…

It’s time for a short rest but the adventure is only just begun… I am not even a quarter of the way through!!!!

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