Staying in Loreto (not Loretto)

Loreto was a charming place to stay and recover a little. As I discussed in my last entry I had been under eating and this was having detrimental effects on my performance. Well I can tell you that I managed to put that to right.

Loreto is the home of the first Jesuit Mission which was built in the 1690s. It is a grand building surrounded by beautiful tree lined streets and great places to grab a bite to eat or buy some tourist trash to give to friends back home. There is a small marina with pelicans resting on old fishing boats and local fishing all along the rocks.

The other great thing about my stay in Loreto was the congregating of like-minded souls. When you are on the road you cherish the ability to get away from everything. You are at one with nature and hopefully are experiencing the solitude that you have been seeking. But every once in a while you need to regroup, restock and recuperate. The RV Park I was staying at in Loreto allowed the perfect setting for that. Jackie and Dean where there, a couple from New Zealand, a couple from Latvia, a couple from San Francisco and various other travellers. We all had the travelling bug which gave us all something in common and lots to talk about. I love hearing the “why we are doing this” stories. Be it “because I can”, “I wanted more out of life”, “I needed change” or “I’ve retired” it sort of validates why you are undertaking your own journey.

Loreto is also a proper town so I managed to do a lot of stuff that needed to be done like buying new tyres. My little Thule Cheetah 1 has broken through the 4000km mark and this has been done with the same set of tyres – not bad from something that is designed to go for jogs round parks!


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