My stay at Coco Beach

Coco Beach was exactly what I had wanted it to be and more. My palapa looked straight out on to the Bay of Concepcion and was about 10m from the shore line. The water was warm and the sun shone, but that was not what made this stay so enjoyable. It was the people. Having Jess there was great but it was Dean and Jackie who made it special. Dean and Jackie had a camper van called Vaca Loca with an awesomely decorated skull on the grill (see picture). They have been coming here for a few years and had so many great stories to entertain us with. But to add to that they adopted Jess and I. On the first night we were invited over for dinner. With a beer to accompany, we feasted on halibut, salad and quinoa.

The next morning we all congregated at 6.30am with a cup of coffee and honey (brewed by Dean) and watched the amazing sunrise (there will be a video of this on the site soon).

At 7.30am a pick-up arrived and turned out to be the local shop… They had tamales, empanadas, water and fruit. We all bought our breakfast and chatted away.

Dean then jumped on his kayak and disappeared around the headland only to return with ice cold beers. It may have been 10am but we sure did enjoy that beer!!!

Lunch rolled around and Jackie rustled up some amazing tuna burritos and again we ate to our hearts delight.

That evening huge pot of amazing lentil soup was shared with jalapeno and cheese bread illuminated by the light of the moon.

The next morning it all started again but with the sad realization that I had to pack up and leave… But not before I had my lunch…

A huge thank you to Dean and Jackie!!!!

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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